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If you are looking for luxury standard and service you come to the right place. 

After all, your new puppy starts his/hers journey right here with me and this has massive impact on how your puppy will turn out. Careful rearing, exposure and socialization is provided. 

  • All puppies will have health check by vet, microchip in your name, 5 weeks free insurance, Kennel Club 5 generation pedigree papers, puppy collar and blanket, written training guide, worming certificate, contract of sales, lifetime support.
  • Visits of puppies are welcome when puppies are between 4-5 weeks of age.  This is when we will assist you in your choice of puppy. You will be able to meet all puppies and mother. Male dogs do not live here and we select top stud dogs for our breeding. You will be able to see health tests and videos of male dogs. All male dogs used in out breeding will have hip and elbow health tests and will be selected for their workability and temperament.
  • Puppies will be weaned on raw meat diet and home made meals. We do not feed our puppies commercial processed grains. They will start weaning on raw boneless beef and chickens raw egg, goats milk etc. All raw food fed to our dogs are high quality.  You can find more information on following links 
  • Puppies leave here at 8 weeks of age, this is important for new puppies to continue one to one environmental exposure and to start learning new life with the owner.
  • On the collection day of your puppy you will receive all puppy paperwork and training information package.
  • Puppies will receive appropriate socialization and environmental exposure whilst in my care. This is vital for their future - to grow and develop into well adapted confident dogs. All puppies will be reared at home where they will hear many different sounds such as hoover, blender, TV and also they will be socialized to many different people and children. I also play firework DVD for puppies to get used to firework sounds. 
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