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My name is Kristine and I developed a huge passion for dogs in my early childhood where I grew up with many working farm dogs in Latvia and spent lots of time training these dogs for working purposes. I have been involved with dogs all my life. Since moving to the UK  I have been running licensed home boarding establishment which was called "Time4dogs". I was specialising in boarding, residential training, one to one obedience and behaviour problem consultations. I was the only establishment in this area to accept large dogs with many behaviour problems rejected from other home boarders. In my boarding years I have worked with different aggression issues and many behaviour problems. I also did home visits to clients homes where I helped to address their loved dog behaviour problems. At the same time I was running Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme and participated in agility, rally obedience, flyball and working trials. I have also trained many residential dogs for specific obedience requirements with behaviour issues. For years I have volunteered at Dogs Trust to help dogs in needs. I am part of 'Dog Safety Education Executive' team and have visited local schools with my German shepherd dog to educate children about dog safety. I am extremely passionate about canine training and behaviour and therefore have undertaken many seminars and academical studies to keep extending my knowledge. I am also a NASDU security dog handler and have passed Level 2 security dog training course. I work on occasion as a security dog handler to expand my knowledge and continue learning more about protection dogs. I have been training/working with personal protection and security dogs for over 10 years.

 My education:

Level 3 Diploma in 'Canine Studies' from Oxford College

Diploma in 'Bronze Level Instructors Course' form ADTB

Diploma in 'Puppy Training Course' from ADTB

Certificate in 'Dog Handling and Training Skills' from CIDBT

Certificate in 'Professional Instructor skills and Management' from CIDBT

Certificate in 'Common canine behaviour problems' from CIDBT

Certificate in Advanced 'Dog on Person' aggression CIDBT

Certificate in Advanced 'Dog on dog' aggression CIDBT

Higher certificate in 'Canine Behaviour Practice and Aggression studies' CIDBT

'The Professional Canine Behaviourist' CIDBT 5010

Completed 'Ultimate Recall' 4 day seminar with John Rogerson

'Canine Nutrition, Hypothyroidism & Vaccination' certificate from Nick Thompson

'Aggression Awareness' certificate from DogSEE

'Dog First Aid' certificate from Animal Aiders

Seminars with Canine & Feline Behaviour Association about 'Dog Law' and 'Dog nutrition'

Proud owner of 3 x Czech lines working German shepherds.

Lots of hands on experience in handling dog from rescue center and home boarding work.

Ex Dog trainer at 'Leamington Dog training Club' at The Kennel Club building

Part of 'Dog Safety Education Executive' team

NASDU LEVEL2 security dog handler.

Cerberesk & Von Ardburn decoy training course.

Master Professional dog training instructor with Guild of Dog Trainers.

Canine and Feline Behaviour Association full member

Kristine Graham – Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (


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